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Клод Жад

Claude Jade
Клод Жад

Информация об актере

Снимается в кино
с 1968 года
Всего ролей в кино

Born Claude Marcelle Jorre, in Dijon, France, the daughter of English professors, Claude Jade spent three years at the Dijon Conservatory of Dramatic Art. Subsequently she moved to Paris and began acting in television productions and on stage.

It was while she was performing at the Theatre Moderne, that she was discovered by Francois Truffaut, who cast her in the role of Christine Darbon, the girl-friend of his alter-ego Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Leaud), in his film "Baisers voles" (Stolen Kisses). Her screen debut earned her great acclaim and placed Claude Jade in the international spotlight. She reprised her role as Christine in Truffauts "Domicile conjugal" (Bed and Board) and "Lamour en fuite" (Love on the Run).

Claude Jade gained fame and adulation, caught the attention of Alfred Hitchcock, who cast her in Topaz, and went on to enjoy a prolific international career in USA, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Germany and USSR (Lenin v Parizhe; Teheran 43) as well as French productions.

In French Cinema her most memorable roles where Manette in Edouard Molinaros Mon oncle Benjamin, the unscrupulous Eleanore in Gerard Brachs Le bateau sur lherbe and Robert Hosseins love Francoise in Denys de la Patellieres Pretres interdits.

Claude Jade also continued to perform on stage and television, where she had her most popular role as Veronique dHergemont, heroine of mini-series Lile aux trente cercueils (1979), and from 1998 until 2000 as Anna in the television series Cap des Pins.

Her many contributions to French Culture were recognised in 1998, when she was named a Chevalier de la legion dhonneur. In 2000 she received the New Wave Award at Palm Beach International Film Festival for the trend-setting role in the world cinema.


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